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A Guide to Better Board Meetings

Part of the Governance Guide Series

Read this guide to find out how to have well-run, effective meetings that result in things being accomplished. I have identified seven strategies and we will discuss each of them in this guide.

Guide Highlights and Topics

  • 16 pages
  • 7 strategies that will lead to better meetings
  • Including:
    • Proper use of committees
    • Scheduling
    • Maintaining order


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Tip of the Week

" As I have said, I go to lots of board meetings and other types of meetings. I have been struck by how long some of the discussions take. My theory on a discussion is that once you start to hear people repeating themselves, the board chair should ask if anyone has anything new to say. If not, then the chair should bring the discussion to a close and ask for the motion. There is no point in listening to people say the same stuff to each other over and over.

Remember, as a board member you can call for the question if you think that there has been enough discussion. We all have an obligation to keep the meeting moving along.  A lot of volunteer boards are composed of older people and maybe once everyone on the board is senile the discussions are never going to end. Something to think about – maybe we need to make some rules before it is too late!"