A Guide to Better Board Meetings

Part of the Governance Guide Series

Read this guide to find out how to have well-run, effective meetings that result in things being accomplished. I have identified seven strategies and we will discuss each of them in this guide.

Guide Highlights and Topics

  • 16 pages
  • 7 strategies that will lead to better meetings
  • Including:
    • Proper use of committees
    • Scheduling
    • Maintaining order


Tip of the Week

" I have devoted my summer of governance tips to talking about compliance. I have designed an acronym to help us achieve the goals that have been set by our organizations. The acronym is COMPLY. I have already talked about:

C= communicate the policies, 

O= observe behaviour to determine compliance. 

M= measure the compliance. 

P= prevent misbehaviour or provide penalties for bad behaviour. 

L= leadership also known as tone at the top

This week I am talking about y. = you" (Full Article)